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Development Applications & Forms


Lawful Non-Conformity Application

PDF Icon Application Form (507 KB)

The purpose of a Certificate of Legal Non-Conformity is to confirm that the building, parcel, use of the land, or intensity of the use was lawfully in existence before the enactment of the City of Brandon Zoning By-law. This certificate is conclusive evidence even if the use of land does not comply with the current Zoning By-law.


Zoning Memorandum Request

PDF Icon Zoning Memorandum Request Form (482 KB)

A Zoning Memorandum is a written letter that identifies whether or not all buildings and structures identified on a survey on the property in question conform to the siting requirements in the City of Brandon Zoning By-law, and if applicable, reasons for non-conformance. Turnaround time is generally wtihin ten (10) business days.


Zoning Confirmation Request

PDF Icon Zoning Confirmation Request Form (413 KB)

The purpose of a Zoning Confirmation is to verify, in writing, the land use designation as per the Development Plan, zoning as per the City of Brandon Zoning By-law, and any Secondary Plan designations, if applicable, on a specific site. Zoning Confirmations are typically used by financial institutions during due diligence processes, but can be requested by anyone at any time. Turnaround time is generally within ten (10) business days.