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 Last Update: October 24, 2022


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Title Board

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Background Map (Existing Drainage System)

  • Map demonstrates general drainage direction and routing
  • Flood Prone Areas are denoted with a number corresponding to a photo on the next board



  • There have been numerous reports of property damage within the existing Southeast Drainage Basin and surrounding area
  • Wastewater sewers experience inflow through manhole covers during overland flooding events, risking sewer backup. This additional flow in the wastewater sewer means unnecessary extra cost to the City for treating runoff (rain) and also results in load shedding (diversion of wastewater flows to the river).


Solution - Phased Construction Programs

  • The City will be completing the design and construction of new stormwater infrastructure over multiple years.


Overall Map 

  •  The Phased Construction Program will see new infrastructure within the existing Southeast Drainage network and within the Southeast Area and the East Brandon Industrial Area


Sewer Construction

  • A majority of the proposed construction will take place away from roadways.
  • The work associated with the Cemetery Area Drainage and a good portion of the Southeast Drainage will include construction of new land drainage (stormwater) sewers.
  • Sewers, swales, drains/channels provide conveyance and allow for the movement of the stormwater


Naturalized Stormwater Ponds

  • A total of 4 stormwater retention ponds are currently proposed for construction as part of the Southeast Brandon Drainage Improvements Project.
  • These ponds are proposed to be naturalized stormwater ponds (NSP). NSP’s typically have 3 zones and are constructed with _____
  • Check out the City of Brandon’s Naturalized Stormwater Pond Guidelines


1st Street Dry Pond Expansion

  • While Phases 1 and 2 of the Southeast Drainage are being designed and constructed, the City will deepen and expand the existing dry pond at 1st Street and Richmond Avenue.
  • This will aid in reducing flooding in the local area near 1st St. and Richmond Ave.
  • As part of Phase 3 works an additional outlet will be added to the Southeast corner of the dry pond, allowing it to drain to the new southerly drainage system, offloading the drainage from the north to the south.


Cemetery Expansion Master Plan *Original Concept 

  •  This conceptual drawing is taken from the 2015 Cemetery Expansion Master Plan.
  •  The first step in the expansion is the completion of the drainage project, the stormwater pond.
  •  The pond was previously proposed as a dry pond due to numerous constraints that have since been removed. Additionally, Engineering staff stressed the need for maximizing stormwater storage for the Southeast area.


Cemetery Expansion Updated Plan *For Drainage

  • Cemetery pond has increased in size to provide additional storage
  • Cemetery pond is now proposed as a naturalized stormwater pond
  • Excavated material from the pond will be used as fill to aid with grading the cemetery expansion area
  • Parks staff is working with Engineering and their consultants to reconceptualize cemetery expansion area.


Sycamore & Lyndale Relief Sewers

  • Current concept to provide relief to areas prone to flooding along Sycamore Drive and Lyndale Drive.
  • A combination of culverts, swale and land drainage sewer is proposed long the south side of the existing cemetery.  The existing culvert crossing 18th St. is proposed to be abandoned allowing water to store on the west side of 18th St. while also being conveyed to the retention pond in the Cemetery.
  • A new land drainage sewer along Magnolia Dr. with provide more capacity for conveyance to the retention pond in the cemetery, effectively eliminating a significant amount of the ponding seen on Sycamore Dr.


Southeast Drainage - Phase 1

  • Includes construction of new naturalized stormwater pond, land drainage sewers, and the outlet for the existing Crocus Pond.
  • This phase is proposed to temporarily discharge to the existing wetland on the east side of 17th St. East.


Southeast Drainage - Phase 2

  • Includes construction of very large, naturalized stormwater pond.
  • Phase 2 will see construction of a control structure to maintain flows to existing wetland while conveying flows to stormwater pond.
  • Beneficial opportunity arose for the excavation of the pond area to commence early. This work is taking place at the cost of the contractor excavating the material.


Southeast Drainage Existing Class 4 Wetland

  • Phase 1 &2 will be constructed in the vicinity of an existing wetland. For the success of this project the City will require temporary discharge to the wetland, however goal is no long term impact to the wetland. City will be working with Provincial regulators to ensure construction and long term plan is acceptable.


Southeast Drainage - Phase 3

  • Includes construction of new naturalized stormwater pond and land drainage sewers.
  • This phase will effectively redirect flows currently going north, to the new southeast drainage system.
  • The proposed Zenith pond would be expanded in the future to support development local to this area.


Southeast Drainage - Phase 4

  • Conceptual design of irrigation system to support the proposed environmental preserve as currently required by the Province of Manitoba.
  • Any system or support to the environmental preserve will be developed in consultation with the Province of Manitoba and a Conservation Steward such as Nature Conservancy of Canada.


Southeast Drainage - Phase 5 

  • Phase 5 is the ultimate constructed drainage route to the Assiniboine River.
  • There are predominantly two options given consideration at this time, conveyance of drainage flow to the north or east.
  • There are several future challenges associated with Phase 5, including those listed on the image above.


Estimated Project Costs (Class 'D') 

  •  At this time, the total project estimated cost is $31.93 million.
  • The City has received approval from Municipal Board and City Council to borrow fund up to $30.14 million. The remainder of the funds are coming from existing reserves.


Construction Schedule

  • Construction is phased over multiple years.
  • As construction contracts are awarded and construction nears, required residents and businesses will be notified of upcoming construction activities and impacts.


Thank You



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