If you are looking for updates in the case of a city-wide emergency, visit the EmergNet news page.

The Emergency Preparedness Program for the City of Brandon continues to evolve as the city grows. The program is made up of two distinct parts – emergency response and public preparedness information. Both parts work to include government, business and citizens in response and preparedness activities. The current version of the Brandon Emergency Plan has been used as a model for other small cities in Manitoba. It outlines the requirements of a program that is integrated with the community as it works towards improving emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. This requires a coordinated community approach to public information, response training and early warning.

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Brandon Emergency Support Team

The Brandon Emergency Support Team is a partnership between Business, Industry, and the City of Brandon to provide effective community education so the general public knows what to do in an emergency. B.E.S.T. is dedicated to increasing emergency preparedness in Brandon and surrounding area. The team was created in 1999 and continues to support both the community and team members in their emergency preparedness activities.

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Emergency Preparedness

EmergNet is a website created for the public to gather information on Emergency Preparedness. It is intended to be a resource to prepare yourself, your family and your property in case of an emergency.

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