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Out Door Space Checklist

Welcome to the City of Brandon's Parks Services section

The City of Brandon Parks department provides many important functions to citizens in Brandon. The Parks department is split into three separate sections, concrete and parks maintenance, greenspace maintenance and development, and the Wheat City Golf Course.

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The concrete and parks maintenance section of the Parks department maintains the network of sidewalks in the City of Brandon. This department also maintains the playgrounds in both large and small parks to ensure the safety and playability of these playgrounds remains at a high level.

The greenspace maintenance department primary function is the maintenance of all City of Brandon owned greenspace, including grass cutting, pruning trees, planting and watering flowers. Grass cutting around main street boulevards, flower planting in these areas and the overall beautification of the city is the function of this department.

The development of a new parks section located in the operations website will allow for a better understanding of the role that the parks department plays in helping keep Brandon a cleaner, greener city.


Brandon Parks

When visiting the parks, please ensure to place your garbage in the containers provided. If there are any problems with the equipment in the parks, please contact the number provided on the list and someone will be sent to look at the issue.

Going Green

Integrated Pest Management

Moquito Brochure

Playspace Safety


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