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City Hall

City Hall

Residents Reminded To Keep Trees & Shrubs on Private Property Trimmed For Safety

June 14, 2019


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Public Works Department wishes to remind residents that, as per City of Brandon Traffic By-law No. 5463, trees and shrubs originating on private property are the sole responsibility of the property owner and should be trimmed so as to not create obstructions for pedestrians or vehicles in back lanes or on right-of-ways. Specifically, all branches are required to be trimmed back to the property line, up to a height of 14 feet, thus minimizing potential damage to City equipment and ensuring the safety of workers and the general public.

As per the above noted by-law, the City of Brandon reserves the right to deliver letters to properties where private trees or shrubs are currently encroaching onto sidewalks, streets and back lanes in such a way to cause damage to City of Brandon Sanitation equipment or potentially cause harm to the general public. Property owners/occupants who disregard this request for by-law compliance will be subject to a fine. Property owners who remain in non-compliance after 14 calendar days will then be subject to a process by which the City moves forward with trimming the offending tree or shrub, the cost of which will be added to the property’s municipal tax bill. In the event the encroachment is considered to be an immediate concern, City crews will trim branches enough to provide unimpeded access for City equipment. Immediate maintenance will be done at no cost to the property owner/occupant; however, subsequent monitoring and/or additional trimming will be the responsibility of the property owner/occupant.

The City of Brandon’s Public Works Department wishes to stress that property owners can work with them to avoid issues of non-compliance by regularly trimming any trees and shrubs on their property that have the potential to create a public hazard. A reminder for all residents that in accordance with Manitoba Conservation tree pruning guidelines, elm trees specifically are not to be trimmed until after July 31st annually. If residents are unsure what type tree or shrub they may have on their property or how it should be properly maintained, they are encouraged to contact a licensed arborist for professional advice.

For more information about the City of Brandon’s tree trimming and pruning program, call the City of Brandon’s Public Works information line at 204-729-2285. The City of Brandon thanks all property owners in advance for their cooperation in keeping the community’s back lanes and right-of-ways safe for all.

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