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We are still accepting names for bin delivery for the Spring of 2015. If you have any questions regarding the Green Cart Program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly at 204-729-2281.


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What You Need To Know

What is the Green Cart Program?

The Green Cart Program allows residents who receive collection services from the City to put organics (fruit and vegetable scraps, teabags, egg shells, etc.) out for separate collection. During the period of bi-weekly collection, each pick-up day will be split into 2 separate routes; "Route 1" and "Route 2". These collection routes will alternate weekly.


What are organics?

Organics are materials that break down naturally and can be turned into compost. This saves them from going to the landfill – landfill space is costly and hard to find.

What does the City of Brandon supply to residents?

Every household that volunteers to participate in the Green Cart Program will receive:

  • A fridge magnet to act as a quick-reference for what is and isn’t acceptable materials to place into your Green Cart;
  • A larger container (with a green lid) for the curb or lane. The container has wheels and handles so that it’s easy to move around;
  • If a households does not have the kitchen catcher pail that was delivered during the roll-out of the refuse and recycling carts in 2008, the City recommends using an old ice cream pail or something similar to capture the scraps from the kitchen.


What materials are accepted in the compost pilot project?

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Plain cooked vegetables
  • Coffee Grounds & filters
  • Teabags / Tea leaves
  • Eggshells
  • Bin liners of newsprint of brown paper (no colored or glossy paper)
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Twigs only (must fit in bin)
  • Pet hair and human hair
  • Cardboard (small amounts)
  • Plain pasta & plain rice
  • Plain bread
  • Feathers
  • Seafood shells
  • Weeds (that have not been sprayed)
  • Wood chips & sawdust (from untreated wood)
  • Compostable kitchen bags


Note: There is no limit on the amount of compost materials that may be placed in collection each week, however, a full compost bin may not weigh more than 151 kg.

Can I put my leaves and yard waste into the compost bin?




What do I have to do?

  1. Place your indoor container (Not provided by City), used for collecting your kitchen scraps, in a convenient location – it can be attached inside a cupboard or underneath your sink.
  2. Line your indoor container or outdoor Compost Bin with a compostable bag. If you wish, you can use a kraft paper bag to line your outdoor container. Any plastic bag, as long as it’s compostable, can be used to line your outdoor Compost Bin. As an alternative to purchasing the compostable bags you can also use old newspaper to line your kitchen container.
  3. Place all items accepted in the Green Cart Program into green lidded Cart.
  4. If you use a bag to line your Green Cart, make sure it is completely tucked into the bin when you set it out; otherwise, the edges may be used by animals to pull the bin over.
  5. On your collection day, place your Green Cart at the curb or in the lane by 6 a.m. and remove cart within 24 hours in accordance with the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw.
  6. Ensure that your Green Cart is accessible by placing it approximately 1 foot away from your Recycle Cart or Garbage Cart. At this time, collection will only take place from late April till early November.

Do I have to use a bag to line my compost bin?

No. By lining your kitchen container, you don’t have to handle the organics twice. Just remove the compostable bag from your indoor container and toss it into your outdoor Green Cart. Using compostable bags as liners prevents loose organics from freezing to the side of your bin during seasonally colder periods. Also, please note that the carts are washable and should be maintained in order to minimize potential odour problems.

Should I put my name on my compost bin?

No, but you should record the serial number.

I’m elderly / disabled and won’t be able to drag that container to the curb every week. What should I do?

The Compost Bin is designed with wheels and a handle to help easily roll it to the curbor back lane. You can also apply for set-out and set-back service. The form is available here.


Where should I store my compost bin?

Are there any animal issues or health concerns to worry about?

No, the Green Cart is completely sanitary and safe. Consider storing your Green Cart where you currently keep your Recycle Cart and Garbage Cart. As for your kitchen container, place your indoor container in a convenient location – it can be placed inside a cupboard or placed underneath your sink.

Is the outdoor compost bin designed to be resistant to dogs, raccoons, etc.?

Yes, as much as is practically possible, the Green Bin is designed to be animal-resistant. If you use a compostable bag to line your outdoor Green Cart, make sure it is completely tucked into the cart when you set it out; otherwise, edges may be used by animals to pull the bin over, but more importantly, you want to avoid any food residue left on the plastic from attracting animals.


How does the program work?

Where is the organic material going?

Your Green Cart materials are picked up at curbside and taken directly to the Eastview Landfill Site for processing.

What will the finished compost be used for?

Similar to the City of Brandon’s original compost pilot project, the finished compost will be used as a giveaway during special events such Earth Day. Any left-over materials will be used as a soil amendment for use at City parks and recreation areas, gardens and other green space within the City.

It looks like the garbage collectors are putting the refuse in the same place in the truck as the Compost Bin material. Is that true?

Yes, the same trucks that are used for collecting your garbage and recyclables is used to collect your Green Cart material. The materials are collected during the same collection day at separate times.

Are apartment residents participating in the Compost Pilot Project?

Yes. Multi-family properties can register to participate in the expanded Green Cart program; however with the expanded program all properties up to six (6) dwellings units will be provided a maximum of one (1) cart per property on a voluntary basis. All residents of the property will be allowed to use the cart. The person registering on behalf of the property will be the contact person for the City and will be required to ensure that all program rules are followed to ensure a quality end product is produced.


The big picture: Diverting waste from the landfill

What was the City of Brandon’s Compost Pilot Project and why did we expand it?

The City of Brandon’s initial Compost Pilot Project was an 18 month pilot project. For 12 months (from July 2010 to July 2011), the City of Brandon collected materials from participating households, and for the 6 months after that, results were monitored and formed the basis for the expansion of our Green Cart program. We know from the information gathered during the pilot project that each participating household diverted approximately 426 kgs of organic material from the landfill on an annual basis.

With full implementation of the expanded Green Cart program, it is anticipated we will be able to see a landfill diversion rate of more than 50%. In its first season alone, the City of Brandon’s expanded Green Cart program helped divert nearly 830 tonnes of organic material away from the landfill.

Every city is interested and committed to reducing the amount of waste requiring landfill disposal. About 40 percent of solid waste is considered organic material – material that can be processed into a valuable end product that the City can use internally or used as a giveaway during special events. Another important reason to continue promoting our Green Cart program is to increase the life of the landfill as it is very expensive to locate and develop a new property for this purpose. With this program, we have projected that the City will extend the life of the Eastview Landfill Site by approximately six (6) years.

For More Information

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Green Cart Hotline at 204-729-2281.


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